A passion to improve the quality of life

It’s the heart of the dreamGuard sleep story

dreamGUARD is owned and operated by the members of the family who also founded long-standing, privately held company Guardian Innovative Solutions. With a desire to dramatically enhance the health and restfulness of an individual’s sleep, the specialists at Guardian Innovative Solutions worked to develop hypoallergenic bedding products that promote comfort while protecting from pollens, allergens and dust mites. In addition, their waterproof, stain-resistant mattress and pillow protectors safeguard warranties and preserve bedding, including often-expensive mattress investments.

Since 1988

Guardian Innovative Solutions has been heavily invested in the home furnishings industry through an affiliation with Guardian Protection Products, and has evolved into a national leader in volume and territorial geography. Their passion for traditional warranted sleep products led them to design and implement a complete sleep system that places customer comfort and wellness at the forefront of their mission. Guardian Innovative Solutions launched the dreamGUARD bedding accessory program in partnership with the largest U.S. supplier of bed pillows, Hollander Home Fashions in 2011, and offers products through partner retailers across the U.S.

Team Leaders

The Gibson Family

Charles R. Gibson, Sr. is the primary visionary and is still providing guidance and leadership across the enterprise. Deborah Gibson, Frank Gibson, and Charles Gibson, Jr., are active board members and each works in his or her respective field of expertise. They have been involved in dreamGUARD from its launch. The four Gibsons are enterprise shareholders as well.

In addition, the Gibsons own and manage two successful franchise businesses and are distributors for franchise products throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The Gibson Group of companies represents 159 years of business experience among them. The Gibsons have been business owners since 1971 and continue to grow their operations with the additional entrance of their third generation, including Paul Gibson and Garret Gibson.

Chris Nolan

Chris Nolan manages dreamGUARD operations as well as the national sales and training team including vendor relationships, logistics and new product development. Chris earned a B.S. in Business Administration from Robert Morris University and received both a PHR (Professional in Human Resources) certification and SHRM (Society for Human Resources Management) certification. Before joining Guardian Innovative Solutions, Chris was director of human resources at Blind and Vision Rehabilitation Services of Pittsburgh, where he oversaw the human resources team.

Top-selling dreamGUARD products include:
  • Warranted mattress protectors, including the popular cool, whisper-quiet Microfleece Protector
  • Warranted mattress pads in environmentally safe 200- and 300-thread count cotton quilted tops
  • Warranted pillows, specially designed for side, back and stomach sleepers and featuring the Memory Essence Pillow designed for the every way sleeper