dreamGUARD Icons Defined

Easy-to-read icons make dreamGUARD bedding a cinch to shop for

  • Wrinkle Free

    Wrinkle free technology will have your sheets looking like new after multiple washes and all while avoiding the iron.

  • Deep Pocket (elastic all around)

    Deep pockets allow your sheets to fit various sized mattresses.

  • 1200 Thread Count Feel, 100-Gram Micro Fiber

    The higher the thread count creates a tighter weave as well as a softer feel of your sheets. With 100-gram microfiber, you get the same luxurious feel without the steep price.

  • Breathable Fabric

    Breathable fabric helps maintain your sleeping temperature and increases resistance to static.

  • Waterproof

    Waterproof bedding’s stain free capability protects the lifetime of your mattress.

  • Protects against dust mites

    With dust mite protection, you can eliminate the chances of allergens and bed bugs from embedding in your sheets and mattress.

  • Stretch skirt fits up to 22” mattresses

    The fabric in the skirt allows versatility in that it can fit various mattress sizes.

  • ClearFresh™

    ClearFresh™ continuously maintains fabric freshness with its superior anti-odor capability. ClearFresh is EPA approved to protect your health and your environment.

  • Soft-touch fleece

    The soft-touch fleece adds a soft feel and comfort that a dreamGUARD customer will experience through multiple washings.

  • Antimicrobial fiberfill

    The antimicrobial protection will defend sheets from odor-causing mold, bacteria and fungus. The fiberfill is also hypoallergenic and will not cause skin irritation.

  • 400 Thread Count, 100% Supima® Cotton Shell

    DreamGUARD chooses Supima, a luxurious cotton, to give their pillows a softer feel and you a comfortable nights sleep.

  • Machine Washable

    The machine washable capability of dreamGUARD products allow you to keep your bedding clean and fresh day after day.

  • Sure Shape Fiber

    A unique synthetic fiber that is thin enough to provide a luxurious feel, but durable enough to be crimped to produce a memory foam performance in a standardized pillow feel.

  • Lux-loft down alternative fiberfill

    A specialized fiber that is designed to triumph multiple machine washings without sacrificing its initial down alternative feel. This fiber achieves such performance through specialized crimping, static free finishing, bi-section and three-dimensional cluster fill techniques.

  • R-Tech™

    R-Tech™ high-end protection prevents stains from penetrating and discoloring fabric.