If you snooze, you choose to have a better day

Here are 10 reasons to get the sleep you deserve

  • Memory Improvement

    Sleep can strengthen certain skills that are learned while awake.

  • Life Span

    Sleep is associated with our quality of life. Those who sleep more than six hours per night are more susceptible to enjoy life more than those who sleep less.

  • Reduce Inflammation

    Research indicates that those who sleep more than six hours per night have less inflammatory proteins associated with heart disease, stroke, and arthritis.

  • Stimulate Creativity

    While sleeping, our brains tend to reorganize and restructure our memories, hence spurring more creativity in the morning.

  • Athletic Performance

    Research indicates that athletes who slept for 10 hours a night for seven to eight weeks straight found an improvement in their sprint time and stamina.

  • Academics

    Those who get continuous adequate sleep are more likely to have a sharper attention span and are therefore able to excel academically.

  • Healthy Weight

    Studies show that dieters are less hungry when they get more sleep.

  • Lower Stress Levels

    Getting adequate sleep can reduce levels of stress and cholesterol.

  • Avoid Accidents

    The time needed to react and/or make a decision can be reduced with a sufficient amount of sleep each night. Therefore when traveling, sleep can become a matter between life or death.

  • Prevent Depression

    A good night’s sleep can increase emotional stability by decreasing anxiety and irritability.